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IP valuation at the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office

Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, Budapest, 2013

This publication studies the assessment and analysis of Intellectual Property (IP) through the introduction of two IP valuation methods used at the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office.  We build upon our experiences gained during an IP valuation pilot project conducted in partnership with research institutions within the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The publication aims to increase awareness and promote value orientated thinking by IP owners, as well as those providing professional IP services. It is aimed at readers already familiar with IP, technology transfer and valuation concepts. 


  • General background on the importance of valuing IP assets
  • The issues that should be considered when selecting the most appropriate methods for the valuation of IP assets and the building-up of a valuation model
  • The "Analysis of value drivers" method used at the HIPO
  • The "Net present value of cash flows" method used at the HIPO
  • A case study demonstrating the valuation of a microscope measuring system technology
  • Observations and experiences of the HIPO

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Download Hungarian version (PDF 1247 kB)

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